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I aloof capital to address to acquaint about the abhorrent acquaintance I had at SHE women’s bazaar this Sunday. I, as able-bodied as abounding added women, went aboriginal to angle in bandage to get an autograph from Paula Deen. I got there at 11 a.m. and there was already a line, which I expected. Aback the doors opened anybody went to angle in bandage for Paula, starting at 1 p.m.

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No one that was there to assignment could acquaint you breadth the bandage was to be started and we concluded up at the far end of the line. We stood in bandage for 2 and 1/2 hours afore addition came to us and said that Paula was no best signing autographs.

When we asked for some anatomy of reimbursement, we were told that there will not be one and to adore the blow of the bazaar and to watch Paula during her affable demonstration.

The man alive the accident told women 60 additional and women that were abundant that they would accept to angle to watch Paula because there were not any added sets left.

This accident was so alternate and I feel bad for any aggregation that participated.

Amanda Ochsenbein

* * *

I accept never, in my 75 years, been to annihilation so ailing organized or managed afresh this Expo.

We stood in bandage for about three hours cat-and-mouse to see Paula Deen. No one anytime did acquaint us that the bandage had been cut off and no one abroad would be admitted.

Finally the bandage dispersed.

Why didn’t the organizers apperceive how abounding would be accepted and not acquiesce bodies to angle in bandage for hours afterwards admission to aliment or water?

There was no one to accumulate adjustment to these lines. We were told the bodies in amethyst shirts were the bodies to ask questions. There were none forth these curve befitting adjustment and an advertisement had been fabricated that if one larboard the line, they were not accustomed back.

We had abounding the Bazaar on Saturday also. We begin the breadth it was actuality captivated in was abundant too baby for the cardinal of bodies aggravating to beam the exhibits. There was no adjustment to traveling the aisles, so best of the vendors’ articles could not be seen.

For a accident that was so awful advertised, I would apprehend a abundant bigger planned program.

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It will be a continued time afore I accede accessory addition Chargeless Columnist presentation.

Janet DoncasterHixson

* * *

I, too, abounding the She Bazaar bygone and today. Ladies, let’s accept a little adroitness here. As our emcee declared on the date this afternoon, this is the actual aboriginal SHE Bazaar actuality in Chattanooga. It is absurd to put calm an accident of this consequence afterwards accepting some kinks.

There were so abounding volunteers from the Times Chargeless Press, the Chattanooga Blaze Department, and I’m abiding abounding others who formed actual adamantine this weekend. Sometimes, there’s aloof no way to apperceive how able-bodied you’ve planned until the accident occurs. Surely there will be some after-action affairs and letters accustomed breadth they can altercate the acceptable things and the not-so-good things that took abode this weekend.

Let’s accept the best…that they absolutely heard the bodies this weekend and will assignment to advance abutting year.

For the record, I accept no ties at all with the Times Chargeless Press…I’m aloof aggravating to accord them the account of the doubt. Why would they go to the agitation to cull this accident off, but aloof not affliction about the details? They wouldn’t.

I did not alike attack to appear for the autograph time because I advancing a long, if not impossible, line. And I absolutely feel for the ladies who took the time to appear early, delay for hours, and afresh absence out. I’m abiding I wouldn’t be captivated about that either. I would brainstorm that abutting year – and they say there will absolutely be an bazaar abutting year – this will be a abundant smoother process.

As Jason, the emcee, talked to us this afternoon from the date above-mentioned to Paula’s appearance, I was absolutely afraid aback he (very good-naturedly) talked about the actuality that he had been base at, threatened, etc. He laughed it off, but I anticipation how sad that some women who represent the South – a arena of the United States accepted for its accommodation and agreeableness – would act in such an unlady-like way. There is a way to accomplish your apropos accepted afterwards resorting to broken-down behavior.

Personally, I had a abundant time. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came from Birmingham to appear with me, and the three of us had a blast. I will accessory advanced to abutting year’s expo.

April GordonSoddy [email protected]

* * *

There is not a day that goes by that addition thinks I accessory like Paula Deen. The aboriginal time a adult told me that, I absolutely had never heard of her. I don’t accomplish a addiction of watching the affable shows and I had to accessory her up. Well, I absolutely anticipation it was a accident that she anticipation that until abounding bodies started cogent me the aforementioned thing. I alike had a little four-year-old boy acquaint me that he watches me every morning and his mamma and nanna were activity to my restaurant to eat the abutting week.

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It has been a lot of fun, so I absolutely got aflame about the anticipation of Paula Deen advancing to Chattanooga. I accept planned for several months to go, forth with my babe and additionally several friends.

Last anniversary though, we abstruse that my husband’s blight was back, and he is so bad that he was put on Hospice. My affection aloof wasn’t into activity to see Paula anymore. Of course, one of my acceptable accompany told me that, yes, you are activity and my bedmate will appear to be with your bedmate and this will be acceptable for you. My babe was additionally beholden that at aftermost I would get to see Paula Deen in person.

I can candidly say that today has been one of the affliction adventures of accessory any bazaar in my absolute activity and I accept been to abounding of them.

First of all, we anon got into the bandage to accept our books autographed. Some women stood in bandage over four hours and never got their books autographed and, assumption what, none of us did either. We were told that the Times Chargeless Columnist interviewed her for 25 account of her autograph time while we were continuing there acquisitive to get an up-close appearance of her and her signature of our book.

My acquaintance stood in bandage with her 3-1/2-year-old niece because her little niece capital her cookbook for kids autographed. A lot of the women were earlier and I apperceive it had to be adamantine for them to angle there. Then, addition came about and told us that the bandage had been cut off and we would not get to see her. Not alone would we not get to see her, but it was still two hours until her affable affirmation and every bench was full.

I absolved to breadth Paula was signing because I aloof capital to see her and try to get a picture. Several cadre were there and told us that we had to break abaft an “imaginary” line. Well, I could about accomplish out that Paula was sitting there signing books with her husband. It was a adventure because it did accessory like I was seeing me. My beard looks aloof like hers.

I came aback and said we would never get there and I already knew every bench was taken. It was either angle in bandage and not see her or try to get a bench for three hours.

There were several added things that I noticed while continuing in line. Breadth we had to stand, there were bodies consistently breaking the bandage to get into the room. The vendors were actual abutting calm and if bodies were on anniversary side, you couldn’t alike go through the middle.

The abutting affair I anticipation was out of abode were the “stripping” firemen. I anticipation it was a appearance show, but afresh apparent that they were all advancing on date in their accessory and afresh they started removing clothing. They were bald chested, but the women were bouncing money in the air and additionally putting the money in the firemen’s pants.

The bodies watching the firemen best their chairs up and brought them to the added ancillary breadth Paula would be accomplishing her demonstration. Well, the firemen came also. They did their affair afresh and went off stage. Paula had them appear aback up and they did a little dance, all kissed Paula, and went off stage.

Let me aback up a little here. Afterwards our bandage bankrupt up, I went out into the alley with several women who were all absolutely upset. Mr. Lively from the bi-weekly was not actual nice and absolutely didn’t apperceive how to handle agitated women. A policeman additionally said to bright the halls that this is aloof the way it is. Call the bi-weekly tomorrow.

I ambition now that I had ashore to my accoutrements and backward home today. At atomic on television, I can see Paula up abutting and assumption what? It’s free.

I anticipate the bi-weekly handled this poorly. They should not accept interviewed Paula during the autograph signing time. Maybe they should accept accustomed a bound cardinal of tickets out for maybe the aboriginal 300 people. Aback so abounding bodies arrived, they should accept fabricated arrange for added chairs. Afterwards all, Paula didn’t alpha until 4:30 and there shouldn’t accept had to be so abounding bodies standing.

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My best amusement was that so abounding bodies aloof chock-full asleep in their advance aback they saw me — they anticipation I was Paula. That’s a lot of fun for me. Oh, well, I allegation bethink that I don’t allegation to go to any added expos in Chattanooga until they put addition in allegation who knows what they are doing.

The ladies who were agitated were allurement questions and the acknowledgment aback to them from the being in allegation added agitated the ladies. I did not see any adult in the alley act aweless in any way. Several did ask for their money aback and the being in allegation said that cipher would get aback one penny.

From what I accept the firemen were not aloof volunteers, they were there to aggregate money. Also, best bodies who wore amethyst did not apperceive any answers.

Yes, I am abiding the abutting bazaar will be a bigger one, but it will not until the bodies in allegation apperceive how to calm addition who is agitated instead of added agitating them.

Diane [email protected]

* * *

I allegation say, I too was a allotment of this disaster. This could accept been a admirable event, if the being or bodies ambience this accident up had acquaintance in an accident of this type. Aback I accustomed tables were set up on the larboard ancillary of the anteroom with a one assurance acquirement tickets the abutting assurance acclaim cards. My anticipation as was the aforementioned as abounding others to get in the ample bandage because I had already purchased my ticket, alone to acquisition that I accept to barter my admission for an arm band. I had to get out of the bandage for Paula to get in addition bandage to get my arm band. I ask if I could accumulate my ticket, I was told no and afterwards the accident they would lay them out on a table and afresh you could aces one up.

After two hours in bandage I was told that I would never accomplish it to get my books active and in addition 45 account they were activity to cut the bandage off. The abutting animadversion the artisan fabricated was I don’t appetite to be actuality aback they do because there will be a lot of pissed off women. I afresh absitively to go on into the bazaar aback I accept paid my $20. I approved to airing about but that was about impossible. The bazaar accident tables were so abutting and the bandage for Paula was accepting to assignment it’s way through the expo. The brace of tables I was able to stop at were actual advisory and the bodies at those tables were actual helpful.

Once again, I as abounding others, entertained the anticipation that aback we were not able to accept our books active that we would try and get a picture. That did not appear because at that point the bandage went in abaft a atramentous curtain. One assurance declared she would assurance until 3 p.m. I was told that she would assurance until 2:45 and afresh she would be larboard to get her thoughts calm afore her appearance at 4:30. Bodies in bandage were accusatory because the bandage chock-full for columnist interviews, this was aloof abacus to the anger.

I do not accept the anticipation action of the being in allegation aggravating to put three contest of this admeasurement in one room. This was advertised as a book signing and it was not. This was a accommodated and greet. Admirers that appear book signings apperceive the action and apperceive it is actual fast paced. This was not fast paced.

I allegation disagree with April, an accident of this admeasurement will consistently accept kinks, but these were not kinks these were problems. Avoidable problems at that. I anticipate one of the problems with the workers is the simple actuality they did not accept abundant volunteers. I did accept a few workers to be actual rude, but accepting formed abounding contest with this blazon of appearance and added they were aloof formed to afterlife and it was actual hot. The workers had to additionally accord with Paula’s admirers that were accepting added agitated by the minute. Admirers agitated yes, we had every appropriate to be.

I appear an accident every year with an appearance of 30,000 and I accept never encountered what I did on Sunday. At this point I absitively aback it was continuing allowance alone and a brace of hours until the appearance I was leaving, and I did. Of advance article had to appear to accomplish a bad bearings worse. A mother with three little girls with anniversary of them accepting a baker book for accouchement were arrant because they would not be able to get their books signed. Please. The abutting accident apprentice from this one.

Marchetta [email protected]

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* * *

I, too, abounding the Bazaar and I was actual agitated as to how things were handled. My niece and I stood in the bandage aback we assuredly begin it to get our books active as well. We anticipation we would get them active while our acquaintance got our seats. As we were in bandage our acquaintance alleged my corpuscle buzz and told us she was clumsy to “save” seats. So we had no added best but to get out of bandage so we could sit bottomward for the show.

And heaven forbid you get up to go to the bathroom because aback you did abrupt bodies came by and alleged you “seat savers.”

The vendor’s were accomplishing annihilation added than demography up amplitude that was bare to accept added seats for bodies to sit in. Why could they not set the booths up in the hallway? Anybody that paid to see this accident should accept had a abode to sit.

When Ms. Deen assuredly did appear one date it was her I was acquisitive to see cook. Not addition I had never heard of before.

Now the firemen were a nice added touch. Practically the best allotment of the absolute show. For as abounding bodies that were there, it is a admiration they weren’t acclimated for army control.

Do I accept any abiding memories of the Bazaar added than the army and how alternate it was? I would accept to say no. Aback you couldn’t alike go bottomward to the bend of the date or the centermost isle to booty a photo of her that’s appealing sad.

Will I go aback abutting year? No, I anticipate I will sit the abutting one out. My money will be bigger spent achieve else.Cheryl WhiteCleveland

* * *

I abounding the She Bazaar both canicule this accomplished weekend and had a abundant time. Granted the aisles were not set up actual able-bodied and it was absolutely crowded. I apprehend in the bi-weekly Sunday that it was an estimated army of 10,000.

Come on, Chattanooga. It was Paula Deen. Did you apprehend annihilation less? I would adulation to accept gotten her and Stacy London’s autograph but they alone accustomed and hour and a half. How abounding bodies do you absolutely anticipate could get through the bandage in such a abbreviate bulk of time?

As far as the “stripping firefighters” acutely some of you accept never been to a absolute “strip show” because the “show” our burghal of Chattanooga firefighters put on was annihilation like that. It was a actual tasteful alms event. Yes, some shirts were taken off but that by no agency qualifies as a “strip show.” I adore the guys for accepting the adventuresomeness to get up in advanced of so abounding bodies and accomplish like that besides their wives, girlfriends and added ancestors associates were in the audience.

The blaze administration works so abutting with The American Red Cross, I anticipate it was a abundant idea. I’ve heard they aloft about $4,500 in this economy; that awesome.

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I can’t delay til abutting year. Abundant job, Chattanooga Times Chargeless Columnist and Memorial Hospital.

Mary [email protected]

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