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EVIL Russian troops branded a Ukrainian jailbait “too ugly” to abduction afore they afflicted her to watch her mum and sister actuality murdered, a chief Ukrainian official has claimed.

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The traumatised 17-year-old backward in her abode with the corpses for four canicule afore Ukraine’s armed armament were able to deliver her home burghal of Irpin.




Details of the awful declared war crimes were aggregate by Lyudmila Denisova, Ukraine’s Parliamentary Abettor for Animal Rights.

Posting on Facebook, she wrote that the girl, 17, and her grandmother had phoned the Abettor for Provision of Confidential Cerebral Assistance, who gave permission for her adventure to be published.

The babe said that three Russian soldiers had appear to her home in Irpin, a boondocks some 12 afar northwest of the basic Kyiv.

She said the troops “raped a mother and 15-year-old adolescent sister in advanced of her eyes. They were baffled and raped with appropriate cruelty. Both are dead”.

Ms Denisova went on: “The babe in a accompaniment of cerebral shock lived with the corpses in the abode for four days.

“After the liberation of the city, she was able to get to her grandmother.”

She added: “While her ancestors were actuality killed, she was actuality captivated and not touched, ‘because I am ugly’. They said, ‘live, and canyon on [what happened] to others.'”

The babe is now accepting cerebral help.

Ms Denisova said that they accept accustomed added than 400 calls on the Commissioner’s appropriate hotline, which is accurate by UNICEF, aback April 1.

“Most of the appeals are accompanying to animal crimes committed by the Russian military,” she said. “Their cardinal is growing every day.”

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The Commissioner’s appointment has a committed aggregation of bristles psychologists, who are accurate by psychiatrists.

If true, it is the latest affirmation of alarming sex crimes reportedly agitated out by Putin’s armament aback the alpha of the Russian aggression of Ukraine on February 24.

Ms Denisova additionally claimed beforehand this ages that a 14-year-old babe was gang-raped and abounding by bristles Russian troops in Bucha, while a boy, 11, was raped in advanced of his mother while she was angry to a armchair and afflicted to watch.  

Reports aboriginal emerged aftermost ages that Russian soldiers were application abduction as an “instrument of war” in Ukraine.

The ancient letters came on March 4, the ninth day of the war, from Ukraine’s adopted abbot Dmytro Kuleba.

He told a Chatham Abode briefing: “We accept abundant cases of, unfortunately, aback Russian soldiers abduction women in the Ukrainian cities.”

All you charge to apperceive about Russia’s aggression of Ukraine

Everything you charge to apperceive about Russia’s aggression of Ukraine…

Ukraine’s prosecutor-general Iryna Venediktova opened an analysis into declared Russian sex crimes afterwards a carve of bashed soldiers reportedly asleep a bedmate and afresh raped his wife in the eastern Kyiv suburb of Brovary.

Anastasia Taran, 30, additionally accused Russia’s invaders of raping women in Irpin.

The above waitress said: “Irpin is hell… They [Russian soldiers] abduction women and the asleep are aloof actuality dumped.”

In a awful intercepted buzz call, a soldier can be heard discussing how a Russian catchbasin aggregation gang-raped a 16-year-old girl.

The Russian soldier, speaking to a woman aback home, tells her that “three catchbasin crew” had “raped a girl,” to which the woman replies “who?” afore he repeats the claim.

Shocked, the woman artlessly replies “f***” aback she hears acceptance of what happened.

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Some Ukrainian women and girls reportedly cut their beard short to abstain defacer Russian troops.

Maryna Beschastna, agent ambassador of Ivankiv, 42 afar northwest of Kyiv, bankrupt bottomward in tears as she spoke.

“There was a case in one village, two sisters were raped… girls of 15 and 16… children.

“Women were pulled by their beard out of their basements so that they could corruption them.

“Girls started acid their beard abbreviate to be beneath attractive, so no one looks at them anymore.”

They were baffled and raped with appropriate cruelty

Some of the best appalling Russian crimes are said to accept taken abode in the abounding boondocks of Bucha west of Kyiv.

In one of the grimmest episodes of the war, a 16-year-old babe in Bucha was raped and attempt in the head by Putin’s soldiers afore her anatomy was dumped in a garden.

Karina Yershova abolished on March 10, with her mother administering a atrocious address for advice on amusing media.

A acquaintance of Karina’s mother, Olesya Vasylets, took to Facebook to allotment the girl’s barbarian fate.

“Friends, abhorrent news,” she wrote. “Racists asleep my friend’s babe Karina Yershova. The affliction is terrible.

“She was mocked, raped, and afresh attempt in the trash. Today my mother begin out that she was asleep and created a advice group.

“Please advice me coffin her, I knew this kid for years, accomplished her English, she was a actual ablaze and accomplished girl.”

Another nine women and girls in Bucha are pregnant after actuality captivated by Russian armament in a basement and raped, according to Ms Denisova.

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They are allotment of a accumulation of about 25, age-old 14 to 24, who were captivated bound and afresh sexually assaulted.

Ms Denisova said that Russian soldiers had branded Ukrainian women “Nazi prostitutes” as they attacked them.

Earlier this month, it was appear the suspected “Butcher of Bucha” Lt Col Azatbek Omurbekov recently accustomed a absolution from the Russian Orthodox Church.

In Kherson, eastern Ukraine, Putin’s troops raped a babe of 16 and a 78-year-old woman, according to a chief Ukrainian official.

Oleksandr Vilkul, arch of the aggressive administering of Kryvyi Rih, said the two were attacked abreast the Ingulets river.

“There is account that makes my claret run algid in my veins,” he said in a video acquaint on Facebook.

He said his troops had been “confronted with added and added abhorrence stories” while accustomed out their assignment in newly-liberated territories in Ukraine.

“For example, the abduction of a 16-year-old abundant babe and a 78-year-old grandmother in one of the villages appear Ingulets.”




Russian armament are declared to accept told one victim that they capital the girls and women to be so aching that they wouldn’t be able to accept sex again, and so beneath Ukrainian accouchement would be born.

It is cryptic how acquainted accustomed Russians are of the abject crimes declared to accept been agitated out in their names, but there accept been no accumulation protests in the country aback the aboriginal weeks of the war.

In addition air-conditioned intercepted buzz call, a Russian wife is heard “permitting” her bedmate to abduction Ukrainian women.

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The couple, who were called beforehand this ages as Roman Bykovsky and Olga Bykovskaya, are heard calmly discussing sex crimes adjoin women.

In the abbreviate blow acquaint on Telegram by Ukrainian aegis services, a woman’s articulation is heard saying: “So yeah, do it over there. Ukrainian women there. Abduction them.”

She action afore adding: “Don’t acquaint me anything, understand.”

A man on the added end of the alarm replies: “So I should abduction and not acquaint you anything?”

The woman responds: “Yes so that I wouldn’t apperceive anything,” afore both alpha laughing.

She afresh adds: “Just use protection,” afore the man replies again: “OK.”

Advice those beat battle with The Sun’s Ukraine Fund

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The Ukraine Crisis Address will abutment bodies in areas currently afflicted and those potentially afflicted in the approaching by the crisis.

In the absurd accident that the British Red Cross accession added money than can be analytic and calmly spent, any surplus funds will be acclimated to advice them adapt for and acknowledge to added altruistic disasters anywhere in the world.

For added advice visit

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