Cetearyl Alcohol Hair Conditioner Recipe

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To account for water evaporation during heating, weigh the container with phase a ingredients before heating and take a note of the weight. I would like to find a recipe to make out of those three ingredients primarily.

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The maxiumum recommended usage rate for btmc is 3%.

Cetearyl alcohol hair conditioner recipe. After washing your hair, slide the conditioner bar down the length of the hair a few times and massage it into the hair, but only the ends of the hair and not into the scalp. Melt the above (these ingredients melted very quickly to become liquid) and add: The best by far is braggs acv.

10g glycerin 6g hydrolysed wheat protein Now they added 2.3% total fatty alcohols in the shampoo, not 2.3% of the gel network. Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol used in many lotions, shampoos, and conditioners.

Hold both phases at 85°c (185°f) for 10 minutes. “made this today with polawax instead of glyceryl stearate and it worked well! Conditioning emulsifier 25 (btms 25) is a combination of a conditioning compound, which is derived from the natural plant oil colza (canola), and a fatty alcohol (cetearyl alcohol).

This cleanser is very generally a lotion with added surfactants; I want it to have great slip to help detangling curly hair. I really need help creating a detangling/leave in hair product for curly/kinky hair.

Add either cetyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol at half the amount of the cationic compound, i.e. Watermelon mint whipped sugar scrub; Unfortunately i no longer have the original source to credit, but i am grateful!

Heat up the water or aloe for about 30 seconds in the microwave. What remained after cooling were flakes of cetyl alcohol. And on to a hair conditioner bar recipe.

Cetearyl alcohol pops up in this formulation as an emollient and thickener, paired with stearic acid. Cool with stirring to below 35°c. After the 10 minutes have passed, weigh the container again to see how much water has evaporated.

Pure btmc does not contain any stabilizing ingredients so if a recipe calls for 5% varisoft® eq 65 i would recommend using 3% each btmc and 2% cetearyl alcohol. Acv is a cleansing conditioner that leaves your hair feeling clean and soft. The three ingredients i want to use are slippery elm, behentrimonium methosulfate, and cetyl/cetearyl alcohol.

Solid conditioner bars (makes 2x 100g bars) 170g conditioner pellets 30g cetearyl alcohol 30g cocoa butter. Add it to the heated oil phase of a conditioner. Cetearyl alcohol acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer.

This means that is it used for blending together ingredients that do not normally mix (such as water and oil). It can also be used to thicken up the consistency of a product. Behentrimonium chloride (btmc) can be a good alternative;

When it was first made in 1817, sperm whale oil was heated with potassium hydroxide and the solution was cooled. Silk & shine conditioning hair mask; The maxiumum recommended usage rate for btmc is 3%.

10 recipes to make with cetearyl alcohol; In a separate vessel add the ingredients from phase c and heat to 70°c until melted and uniform. Although i don't think it's going to make it any different.

Using cetearyl alcohol as one of the emollients helps add body and richness while keeping costs down. It’s an effective emollient, keeping moisture in your skin or hair, and helps to keep the oil and water. Melt the conditioning emulsifier, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter all together.

Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Rub in hands to create a light foam then use to lather up hair. If you’re using 8% btms, add 4% of one of these fatty alcohols to get the benefits.

To make cetyl alcohol, coconut oil is heated with lye (which is the common name for sodium hydroxide) or another strong alkaline solution. Lavender aloe cream facial cleanser; Behentrimonium chloride (btmc) can be a good alternative;

Add the phase c to the main vessel with homogenisation until bright and shiny. This recipe is loosely based on one i saw somewhere on the web, with a few adaptations of my own.

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