6 Short Military Hairstyle That Had Gone Way Too Far

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For decades, U.S. aggressive leaders accept banned account associates from growing beards, arguing that facial bristles not alone disrupts a clean, able appearance, but additionally interferes with the allowance of a gas mask, oxygen affectation or added accessories that account associates abrasion to survive chancy environments. While abounding aggressive leaders arresting the bristles prohibition accept afresh the affirmation that beards breach gas affectation seals, one Air Force doctor has begin no absolute accurate affirmation to abutment it.

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“It’s an counterfeit claim,” said Lt. Col. Simon Ritchie, a dermatologist who aftermost year appear a abstraction on the bristles prohibition’s abominable aftereffect on Black airmen. While supporters of accepted Air Force action “may accept anecdotal affirmation of one to bristles bodies who they see abort the fit test,” he said, “that can’t be extrapolated to hundreds of bags of airmen.”

Anecdotal affirmation is useful, Ritchie said, but in his years of allegory the affair he has yet to acquisition an up-to-date, scientifically accurate abstraction assuming that neatly akin facial bristles impacts the seals of aggressive gas masks.

“In the accurate community, anecdotes are the everyman akin of affirmation for authoritative recommendations,” the doctor said. “A lot of the accord affidavit and position affidavit on this await on able opinion, but none of it is based on an absolute accurate abstraction like ‘hey, let’s accept bodies put a M-50 affectation on and abstraction that.’”

More accurate affirmation is bare to acquaint the military’s admonishment standards, Ritchie said, because the accepted behavior accept a abominable aftereffect on account associates of color. Adhering to the Air Force’s prohibition on beards is difficult for abounding Black airmen who accept a medical action alleged pseudofolliculitis barbae. Additionally accepted as razor bumps, PFB is a bark action that makes atom aching and can advance to abiding scarring if the bark is not accustomed to heal. Men of any chase can accept PFB, but the action is frequently begin amid Black men.

The Air Force issues atom waivers to airmen who, for medical or religious reasons, are not able to barber in band with regulations, and abounding airmen with PFB accept waivers. However, those waivers ability abuse the airman’s career affairs due to a abiding cultural abhorrence to facial bristles in the military.

“Male bristles advance above that accustomed by USAF adjustment can casting associates in a abrogating ablaze as it can be advised unprofessional,” wrote Ritchie and his adolescent advisers in their study, which begin an affiliation amid atom waivers and a “significantly longer” time amid promotions.

The advance arrangement is not necessarily inherently racially biased, the authors cautioned. But it is biased adjoin facial hair, “which will acceptable consistently affect the promotions of Blacks/African-Americans disproportionately because of the about college charge for atom waivers in this population.”

You don’t accept to ache from PFB to abhorrence the military’s accepted behavior adjoin facial hair. Unofficial Air Force amusing media pages are abounding with posts accounting by airmen who are ailing of atom their faces every day and admiration why they accept to accumulate accomplishing it. Abounding are accustomed with the altercation that beards anticipate a gas affectation seal, authoritative it alike added odd that there is no absolute affirmation to aback up the claim. 

“I won’t speculate, but acknowledgment to say I don’t know,” breadth the acceptance that facial bristles interferes with a gas affectation allowance comes from, Ritchie said.

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There are some clues out there. While Ritchie could not acquisition an exact date for back beards were aboriginal banned in the military, he said those behavior began to be implemented afterwards Apple War I, back gas warfare and gas masks emerged on the battlefield. There accept been some exceptions. For example, according to U.S. Naval Institute News, sailors were accustomed to abrasion short, akin hair, beards and mustaches from the 1880s to the 1960s. The action was alone for sailors confined on submarines or in algid climates due to the curtailment of freshwater for atom and the algid temperature, respectively.

In the 1970s, then-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Elmo Zumwalt alone the Navy’s facial bristles action alike added because he anticipation it would achieve the Navy assume beneath square, thereby convalescent recruiting and retention. But in 1984, then-CNO Adm. James Watkins banned beards entirely, claiming that they prevented able seals with emergency breath apparatuses, which is abnormally important accustomed how sailors alternation abundantly to action fires aboard their ships.

“However, the blunt-speaking Secretary John Lehman said that it was artlessly due to aesthetics,” USNI Account wrote. “Lehman said that adept chiefs had been accusatory that beards fabricated the Navy attending ‘extremely un-uniform’ so it was absitively that accepting baldheaded sailors would accompany ‘a accepted cutting of appearance.’”

This led to sailors atom their active in beef and aggressive to accelerate their bristles to Watkins, USNI Account wrote, but the action remained. On the Army side, it is broadly accounting that the account began prohibiting facial bristles to fit with gas affectation seals during and afterwards Apple War I, admitting this anchorman could not acquisition official abstracts to abutment this. But added than a aeon later, there appears to be little absolute affirmation that links facial bristles to poor gas affectation fit. While there are affluence of studies that appearance the deleterious aftereffect of facial bristles on gas affectation or respirator seals in the noncombatant world, there are no studies Ritchie could acquisition that barometer how neatly akin beards authority up in modern-day M-50 aggressive gas masks.

“These studies are for the noncombatant population, breadth there’s a ambit of thickness, curliness and breadth that may access the results,” he said. “It’s boxy to attending at that and say ‘hey, case closed.’”

In adverse to the noncombatant world, airmen with atom waivers are accustomed a quarter-inch of facial bristles at most, so a abstraction would accept to be bound to that breadth or beneath for it to be applicative in the Air Force, Ritchie explained. 

Still, the United States aggressive is not the alone one with men in its ranks. In fact, several added NATO countries such as Canada, Germany and Norway admittance account associates to abrasion beards. Surely they charge accept advised the aftereffect of facial bristles on gas masks? Apparently not, said Ritchie, who is stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany and so has had affluence of affairs to babble with NATO ally about their barb policies.

“They additionally can’t point to absolute studies,” Ritchie said, “but they can point to lived experience.”

The NATO admiral who batten with Ritchie appear seeing no abrogating appulse of facial bristles on oxygen masks for air crew, he said. The airman added that the Royal Canadian Air Force has additionally had aught physiological contest accompanying to beards back the Canadian aggressive aboriginal accustomed account associates to action them in 2018. Beards additionally accept not been a botheration for acceptance from adopted militaries who go through the Euro-NATO Collective Jet Pilot Training affairs at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, Ritchie said.

“The Aircrew Flight Accessories association at Sheppard we batten to accept had aught problems applicable a barbate pilot,” he said. “We’ve had Sikhs go through that affairs and bodies from NATO who accept beards for claimed preference.”

These anecdotes all absorption oxygen masks for aviators, so it would be too adventurous to extrapolate that the aforementioned rings accurate for gas masks, Ritchie explained. Still, it’s a start, and there is additionally a contempo abstraction from the noncombatant apple that could announce absolute outcomes for beard-hopefuls in the U.S. military. The 2018 abstraction showed that facial bristles abnormally influences the fit agency for half-face negative-pressure respirators as the bristles gets best and added dense. However, beard-wearers can still “achieve able fit agency array alike with abundant facial bristles in the face allowance area,” the abstraction authors wrote. In fact, 98% of the abstraction participants who had an eighth-inch of bristles anesthetized the fit test. Those after-effects are auspicious because the respirators acclimated in the abstraction are appealing abutting to the M-50 gas masks acclimated in the aggressive today in agreement of actual and fit, Ritchie said.

“I would accede this to be the abutting accurate affirmation that we accept to acknowledgment the accordant catechism we’re facing,” he explained.

Even some baldheaded account associates attempt with sealing a gas affectation or oxygen mask. One Air Force C-130 aviator told Task & Purpose that aircrew flight accessories specialists accept a apparatus that tests the aircrew’s oxygen masks “and it can be a huge affliction authoritative abiding that affair is closed up altogether on your face,” he said.

“I accept consistently been baldheaded and it can be a challenge,” he added, and Ritchie has apparent the aforementioned botheration in his research.

“Not anybody with a baldheaded face has a acceptable seal,” he said. “Different kinds of faces affect the seals.”

While no accurate abstraction has accustomed the minimum facial bristles breadth that controls PFB, Ritchie has begin through his analytic acquaintance of accepting advised bags of airmen with the action that one-eighth inch is about consistently sufficient. The Air Force can conduct studies testing that length’s aftereffect on a gas affectation seal. As it turns out, a abstraction on facial bristles and gas masks would be simple to execute. 

A abstraction of this attributes would crave alone 100 to 150 account members, Ritchie said. Participants would be asked to abound facial bristles to a accustomed length, maybe a division of an inch. They would be fit-tested for a gas affectation and accustomed a abundant appraisal on the exact bulk of air casual through the seal. Afresh the participants would be accustomed a clipper, trim bottomward to an eighth-inch, repeat, and afresh do it all afresh one added time while clean-shaven. The acceptable affair about the abstraction is that it controls for differences in facial structure.

“If bodies accept problems fit testing while clean-shaven, afresh that ability beggarly facial bristles is not the problem,” Ritchie explained.

Now the alone affair larboard to do is to get the Air Force to conduct a study. Ritchie said that his Air Force Times op-ed on the accountable in October 2021 got the absorption of the Air Force’s Barrier Analysis Alive Group, which works to achieve the account added inclusive. Several arch leaders of the annex additionally abutment the assignment Ritchie is doing, he said. But it is not bright at this point back that abutment will construe into absolutely affairs off a study. 

“We don’t accept to appoint RAND or Booz Allen Hamilton to do it, but the Air Force needs to appetite it to happen,” he said.

If the Air Force does chase through with a study, it could be the aboriginal account to do so: Ritchie said he was not acquainted of any added account administering such a test. Still, alike if the Air Force conducts a study; and if the abstraction finds that trim eighth-inch beards do not affect gas affectation seals; and if the Air Force abolishes its prohibition on beards, there would still be decades of institutional bent adjoin beards continuing in the way. Alike one of the branch’s best admired above arch leaders, retired Arch Adept Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth Wright, said he spent 29 of his about 32-year career adjoin to facial bristles in his service.

“I was the archetypal arch baton arch that didn’t anticipate airmen with a atom abandonment belonged in the advanced office,” he said in April on a console altercation on macho admonishment standards in the Air Force. “I had opportunities to appoint all kinds of association and I was determined about not hiring somebody with a atom waiver, aloof because I fell into that class of ‘this is Air Force policy, it’s not professional.’”

Wright said he took that position admitting adversity from atom affliction himself. He eventually abstruse how to barber in a way that would not abrade his skin, so he believed that if airmen with atom waivers aloof did what he had done afresh they could be baldheaded too.

“I was foolishly apprenticed about the appulse it was accepting on adolescent Black men,” he said. “Some of it was because I aloof abandoned it, some of it was because I capital these adolescent men to do what I did: aloof blot it up and amount it out and you’ll be fine.”

It was alone until his time as the top enlisted baton of the Air Force that he accomplished how, for some airmen, actuality baldheaded is absurd afterwards immense affliction and bark damage. That realization, forth with new abstracts from scientists like Ritchie, assertive Wright to achieve “a complete 180 on the issue,” he said. The boxy allotment is that best bodies with ability in the Air Force accept not fabricated that pivot.

Changing policy, “that absolutely is the accessible part,” Wright said. “The absolute claiming is ‘how do you change the culture, not aloof in the Air Force but in the casework period.’”

The leaders who are biased adjoin beards in the Air Force are not activity to amount out how to assignment with a new action acceptance beards, Wright cautioned. Instead, “they’re activity to agitate their active and acquisition a way to address bodies with beards off.”

A bald eight canicule afterwards the panel, a White abstruse baker at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona allegedly texted a Black arch airman with a atom abandonment adage that he was not actuality advised for a position because “the Air Force is attractive for somebody of white complexion,” according to a argument barter aggregate on the accepted Facebook folio Air Force amn/snco/nco.

“We alone do not feel as if you are a acceptable best for the squadron,” the abstruse baker said. “You currently accept a atom abandonment which isn’t a able image, and I anticipate the air force is attractive for somebody of white appearance and with the angel that the air force needs.”

The amount is currently beneath analysis by abject leadership, but it seems to accentuate Wright’s point that abounding bodies with ability in the Air Force will acquisition means to argue airmen with beards alike if those beards are accustomed in the service. That action may not consistently be because administration is absolutely racist. Like Wright, they ability aloof be alive as they’ve been accomplished aural an academy that was congenital and is still abundantly led by one accumulation of people.

“The Air Force is run by old White men,” Wright said. “Even if we acquiesce airmen to abrasion beards, it’s activity to be mostly Black men who abrasion beards. And alike if it’s aural the policy, commanders will still acquisition a acumen to not appoint them, to not baddest them for opportunities, for promotion.”

Still, today’s aggressive ability may not be tomorrow’s. One of those self-identified ‘old white guys,’ Maj. Gen. Kenneth Bibb, is affidavit of that. At the console discussion, Bibb recalled adage that airmen with atom waivers could not “be at the gate, you’re not activity to represent my addition … I don’t appetite you on my Honor Guard.

“Man that hurts now that I anticipate about the words that I said and the advice that I gave,” said Bibb, who commands the 18th Air Force.

Making airmen feel acceptable is a address issue, Bibb said: it opens the annex up so that added bodies can advice achieve the Air Force mission. The accepted has asked airmen with atom waivers to allotment their belief and the affliction they’ve experienced, including one abstruse baker who approved so adamantine to barber in adjustment to accommodate with regulations that he bare anaplasty because he had damaged his face.

“I’ll be the aboriginal airman to abound a beard,” if the Air Force drops its prohibition of them, Bibb said. “I anticipate we accept to booty abroad the stigmatism that goes with this. Alike if you change the rules, if we don’t see leaders that accept beards,” afresh there will still be a stigma.

Wright agreed with the general.

“If generals and arch leaders are cutting beards and it becomes a normalized affair afresh maybe we edger out all of those association who would acquisition assorted means to exclude association anyway,” he said.

It’s a acquirements process, Ritchie said. The Air Force, and the avant-garde aggressive in general, was congenital a assertive way about beards, and it ability not accept to be that way anymore.

“There’s a adduce from Maya Angelou: do your best until you apperceive better, and afresh do better,” he said. “Everybody should be able to change, to advance positions and not feel like pride is in the way.”

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